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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to build Community; by creating Authentic Connections, through life-altering programs that connect participants to Self, Source, Family and Community.

Our 7 Key Principles


C. Connection

A. Authenticity

M. Mastery

E. Emotional Intelligence

R. Responsibility

O. Openness

N. Nobility

I am fighting for our Youth!

My name is Tiffany Smith and Cameron was my baby boy. On Saturday, November 26, 2022, I experienced a mother's worst nightmare, which was a call stating that my son had been shot and I needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Not to mention this shooting was all over the news (Atlantic Station Shooting in Atlanta, GA) and they had already reported that one child was already deceased. Upon arriving to the hospital is when I received the devastating news that, my son, my baby boy, Cameron had suffered an inoperable gun shot wound to the head. 3 days later, on November 29th, my son transitioned due to his injury.

As I stated above, this experience has been my worst nightmare and I'm still in shock but I trust and believe that this isn't just about me or Cameron. I truly believe that there is/was a greater calling on my child's life and unfortunately this is how it's unfolding.

My son was a boxer and we invested 6 years into developing and training him to be a professional boxer. Cameron worked with several coaches & trainers with one intention which was to send him to the Olympics in 2024 with one of his Boxing Coach's Zahir Raheem who went to the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta. This experience has shaken my core and I'm committed that not another mother has to go through the experience of my current reality.

In the spirit of my son,

I'm fighting for young to people to know that they matter

and that they are loved.

I'm fighting for Mom's to have the resources & support they need

and to know that they are not alone in raising their kids.

I'm fighting for World Peace & Love for Humanity

World Peace &

Love Advocate

Mom on a Mission

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to create a world where Young People, Mothers, Fathers; Families are so connected and in love with one another that the thought of causing harm, hurt or injury doesn't even exist.

Who was Cameron Jackson?

Cameron Jackson was the typical teenager with two very involved parents who invested a-lot of time and energy into supporting him with whatever dream he wanted to fulfill.

He was charismatic, full of life and passionate about his friends and family in which he loved dearly. Cameron was adventurous, curious and fearless. He loved to do tricks on his dirt bike that sometimes resulted in trips to Egleston Childrens Hospital but despite the road burns he never gave up.

He had a passion for boxing that began at an early age and he was committed and worked hard towards a career as a professional boxer with the dream of attending the 2024 Olympics in Paris with his coach.

Cameron loved experimenting with science projects where he would be found in the kitchen mixing ingredients to see their reaction or taking things apart and putting them back together such as his dirt bikes where he was always replacing parts.

Cameron loved animals from an early age which resulted in him recently wanting to start a fur baby business selling exotic love dogs.

In his last couple years of life , Cameron was homeschooled which afforded him the opportunity to discover other things about himself that he was passionate about such as fashion and traveling.

Now where do we go from here?

How do we Save our Kids?

Where do we start?

How do we save our Kids?

Get Involved

Step 1 :

Join the movement: Get Involved

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Step 2 :

Donate/Contribute :

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To Support by Purchasing a Forever Cameron Shirt or T-Shirt

We are more committed to Saving our Youth and reducing senseless gun violence than selling T-shirts & Sweatshirts, and we have received several requests for T-shirts and/or Sweatshirts. So we have decided to create a Win/Win solution by including a T-shirt with a $50 donation and a Sweatshirt with a $100 donation to our organization.

All donations are 100% tax deductible and will be used to forward our mission and life-altering programs. To donate click the link and allow standard shipping time for delivery.

Forever Cameron Shirts : Click Here to Purchase

Step 3 :

Immediate Needs:

In our commitment to establishing a solid foundation we have identified and noted the following resources that we are in need of support with. If you are in any way able to facilitate any of these needs in whole or in part, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Writer/Grant Writer
  • Social Media/Marketing
  • Videographer/Photographer
  • Administration/Project Management

What do I do with my youth now?

How do we save our Kids?

Losing a child is an unimaginable pain, and it can be a lonely and isolating experience. But you don't have to go through it alone. If you're a mother who has lost a child, we invite you to join our support/empowerment group.

he Angel Mom Collective is an empowerment group for Angel Moms on the journey of recovering from the grief associated with the loss of a child. We've created a space where Angel Moms are able to share, connect and be heard while learning tools and strategies for overcoming Grief with Power.

Our empowerment group is a safe and supportive space where you can share your experiences, emotions, and struggles with other women who have also lost a child.

We understand that no two journeys are the same, and we respect everyone's unique path.

Here are some reasons why joining our empowerment group can be helpful:

  1. You'll connect with other women who truly understand what you're going through. Our group is a place where you can talk openly about your child, your grief, and your fears without judgment.
  2. You'll receive emotional support and encouragement. Losing a child can make you feel alone and helpless, but our group members will offer a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and words of encouragement.
  3. You'll learn coping strategies and self-care techniques. Our group discussions often focus on practical strategies to cope with grief, such as mindfulness exercises, journaling, and self-compassion.
  4. You'll find hope and healing. While the pain of losing a child never truly goes away, our group members have found ways to live with their grief and find meaning and purpose in their lives again.

We host in-person and online events so it doesn't matter where you are located, if you have access to a computer you can join The Angel Mom Collective.

We invite you to join us and find comfort, support, and healing in our community of mothers who have lost a child.

Join Here

What do I do with my youth now?

How do we save our Kids?

Our mission for The Forever Cam (Rites of Passage) Experience is to transform our youth from the inside out through transformational programs that focus on self-identity, mental, emotional and physical training and development.

Transformational Forever Cam Experience

The Forever Cam Experience is a Rites of Passage where we facilitate the participants through 3 stages; Separation, Transition & Re-incorporation. We use mental games, fitness & Boxing drills, competitions, skits and experiential activities to help them discover who they are and what they want out of life.

Ultimately, The Forever Cam (Rites of Passage) Experience is a Life Changing.

Where we provide the space for at-risk youth to experience there Authentic Self!

The Ultimate goal in life is to “Know Thyself” which leads to the ultimate goals of this program.

Participants will

  • Identify their gifts & talents
  • Learn strategies for conflict resolution.
  • Learn creative emotional expression techniques
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Learn the Value of Connection.

Participants will leave with the ability

  • to identify their mental, physical & emotional strengths and weakness
  • to apply skills learned to daily life challenges for successful conflict resolution
  • leave with a strong sense of self which will ultimately lead them in the direction of finding their purpose and being a productive part of the community.


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